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I have a question regarding the need to file prior year return. I need to file 2014 return. I filed for an extension using Form 4868 on my 2022 return, but I never filed that past-year return. I should receive a refund on my 2022 taxes. Can I file a 2022 return now since I did request extension?

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Yes, in general you have three years from the original filing date, without extensions, to claim a refund. H&R Block has prior year programs you can download to file prior year return(s). Go to www.hrblock.com:

  1. Click Download Software.
  2. Scroll down to Need to File Prior Year Returns? and click Learn More.
  3. Click on the appropriate year.
  4. Locate the level of software you need.
  5. Follow the instructions to download the software.


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