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Mississippi Property Tax

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2 min read

real property taxesHere we’ll discuss the taxation of Mississippi real property. Drawing from the frequently-asked questions on the state of Mississippi Department of Revenue’s website, we’ll cover the ins and outs of Mississippi property taxation here.

What is Mississippi Property Tax?

Property tax, or ad valorem tax, is a tax imposed on the ownership or possession

of property and is generally based on the value of the property. In Mississippi, real property is subject to tax unless exempt as stated by state law.

How Are Property Taxes Used?

The money gathered from property taxes is used to support city, county, and state municipal services.

How is Property Value Determined?

A county tax assessor will appraise your property at its true value. The Tax Commission in Mississippi provides help to local governments with the appraisal of property so that the property taxes imposed are uniform and equal throughout the State of Mississippi.

The county assessor will determine value of property at least every four years.

Who Decides How Much the Property Tax Rate Is?

County tax entities decide on the amount of money needed and the local officials calculate the tax rate necessary to raise that revenue.

Who Are Mississippi Property Taxes Due To?

Mississippi property taxes are paid to the county or municipality where the real property is located.

How is Mississippi Property Tax Calculated?

Mississippi property tax is calculated through the following formula:

(True value x Assessment Ratio x Millage Rate = Taxes)

The true value of the property is multiplied by the appropriate assessment ratio to determine the assessed value. The assessed value is multiplied by the local property tax rate, or millage rate, to determine the property taxes owed.

When are Taxes for Mississippi Property Due?

Taxes for Mississippi property are due on or before February 1 for property assessed the preceding year.

If February 1 falls on a weekend, taxes can be paid the subsequent Monday without penalties or interest.

Where To Go For More Property Tax Help

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