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New Jersey state tax: Rates and other income tax information

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3 min read

While federal tax rates apply to every taxpayer in the United States, state income taxes vary by state. Some states have a flat tax rate, marginal tax rate (with income-graduated tax brackets), or no state income tax at all.

Note: This post outlines NJ income tax details. It does not cover sales tax information.

NJ income tax details

While other types of state taxes—like sales tax and use tax—are a fixed percentage,  NJ income tax operates as a progressive tax system, meaning the rate goes up or down based on your New Jersey Adjusted Gross Income.

What are the NJ tax rates?

The New Jersey income tax brackets vary between 1.4% and 10.75%, depending on your filing status and adjusted gross income. For a New Jersey resident that files their tax return as:

  • Single or Married Filing Separately have seven possible tax brackets.
  • Married Filing Jointly or Head of Household have eight possible tax brackets.

We outline the NJ tax rates for these brackets below.

New Jersey tax rate for Single and Married Filing Separate filing statuses:

Income Tax BracketTax Rate 2023-24
$20,001to$35,0001.75% minus $70.00
$35,001to$40,0003.5% minus $682.50
$40,001to$75,0005.525% minus $1,492.50
$75,001to$500,0006.37% minus $2,126.25
$500,001to$1,000,0008.97% minus $15,126.25
$1,000,001and above 10.75% minus $32,926.25

New Jersey tax rate for Married Filing Jointly and Head of Household statuses:

$0to$20,0001.4% minus
$20,001to$50,0001.75% minus $70.00
$50,001to$70,0002.45% minus $420.00
$70,001to$80,0003.5% minus $1,154.50
$80,001to$150,0005.525% minus $2,775.00
$150,001to$500,0006.37% minus $4,042.50
$500,001to$1,000,0008.97% minus $17,042.50
$1,000,001and above 10.75% minus $34,842.50

You can also find tax rate tables for the New Jersey tax rates from the New Jersey Department of Taxation.

More help with New Jersey tax filing

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