IRS Notice CP80 – The IRS Hasn’t Received Your Tax Return


The IRS has received a payment for the tax year in question, but did not receive a return. You may be due a refund.

Type of Notice: Late return

Likely next step: Address unfiled tax returns

Why you received IRS Notice CP80

  1. You had taxes withheld from your pay or you made estimated tax payments.
  2. You did not file a tax return by the due date.
  3. The IRS sent CP80 to notify you that you have credits to your tax account. If there is a refund due for that tax year you will lose it, if the return is not filed within three years of the date the return was due.

Notice deadline: Three years from the date the return was due.

If you miss the deadline: You will not receive a refund for this tax year, even if you file the tax return.

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