Revenue Officer


IRS Definition of Revenue Officer

Revenue officers are IRS civil enforcement employees who work cases that involve an amount owed by a taxpayer or a delinquent tax return.  Their role involves education, investigation, and when necessary, appropriate enforcement.

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A revenue officer is an IRS employee who focuses on collecting back taxes and pursuing back tax returns. A revenue officer usually handles cases that involve a large amount of taxes ($100,000 or more) and/or multiple unfiled tax returns.

Revenue officers typically meet with you and/or your authorized representative in person to work toward resolution. It’s important to meet deadlines that the officer sets, provide information, and comply with filing requirements. If you don’t, the revenue officer has the authority to pursue enforcement actions, such as levies and liens, to collect taxes.

Don’t panic if your IRS account has been assigned to a revenue officer. It can be convenient to have one person assigned to your case, rather than speaking to different IRS employees each time you call. Just be sure to respond to all requests fully and by the deadline provided.

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