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What Is a Third Party Designee?

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1 min read

You can let the IRS discuss your tax return information with a third party, like a friend or family member. You do this by marking the Third Party Designee checkbox of your return.

This lets the IRS discuss your return with the person you designate, even if they’re not a tax professional. Things the IRS can discuss with the third party designee on your tax return include the processing of your current tax return and the status of tax refunds. This authorization is limited to the tax return with the completed Third Party Designee checkbox and Paid Preparer Use Only section. This third party designee authority over the tax return only lasts one year from the due date of the return.

More About IRS Third Party Designees

If you check the Third Party Designee checkbox, that designation doesn’t allow that person to:

  • Contact the IRS on your behalf to discuss tax information about other tax years
  • Help you with an unpaid balance or audit issues

If you need help with an unpaid balance, audit, or other tax issue, you’ll need to sign and file a Form 2848: Power of Attorney and Declaration of Representative. This form lets you name a person who can contact any department of the IRS on your behalf for any tax years you list on the form.

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