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Statement from William Cobb, CEO of H&R Block

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1 min read

September 25, 2013

H&R Block

Marion BlochI’m saddened to share that Marion Helzberg Bloch, wife of our co-founder Henry, passed yesterday at the age of 83. Along with Henry, Marion was an icon of philanthropy and commitment to Kansas City. She dedicated her life to her family and to giving back to the people of the city she loved so dearly.

Henry remarked on many occasions that Marion was the one person he always wanted to succeed for.

As in business, Marion was also Henry’s partner in their commitment to many philanthropic endeavors, particularly through the Marion and Henry Bloch Family Foundation. You can learn more about the remarkable life of Marion Bloch by visiting www.blochfamilyfoundation.org.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Henry and all of the Bloch family.

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