Can I Change the Debit Amount If I’ve Already E-Filed My Extension?

When you e-file your extension, you automatically get an additional six months to complete your return. At the time you request your extension, you’ll need to pay any taxes due. 

If you used an H&R Block Online product to transmit and e-file your extension, you might be wondering if you can change your authorized debit amount later. Unfortunately, this isn’t possible.

IRS Extension Request Rejection May Give You a Chance to Change the Amount

However, there is one way that you might get the opportunity to change the amount. On occasion, an IRS extension request can be rejected if it happened to contain errors. The silver lining of this rejection is that you might have a chance to change your debit amount.  

First, you’ll need to see if you can correct the errors. Then you can electronically retransmit your Form 4868. If you’re not able to correct the errors, you’ll need to file a paper extension Form 4868 and include an estimated payment of your taxes due.

IRS E-File Extension: What’s Next

The IRS will process your authorized payment within a two-day period. You can finish your return at any time during the next six months. Simply log in to your MyBlock account using the same username and password that you created to e-file your tax extension. 

The H&R Block Online product will guide you through an interview, which we’ll use to complete your tax forms. Be sure to complete your filing on or before the Oct. 15 extension deadline to avoid any penalties.