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How do I change my account or downgrade my H&R Block online tax program? Can I switch to H&R Block Free Online?

1 min read

1 min read

At H&R Block, we have several different online tax program solutions for you to give you the best experience when doing your taxes. If you start off in a tax program and then decide that you need to change to a different online tax program, we can help.

We’re happy to help you change your H&R Block account or downgrade to a different H&R Block tax program to get a better fit. To downgrade your account or change to H&R Block Free Online, just call us at 1-800-472-5625 and tell us what you need. When prompted, you can say any of these:

  • Downgrade
  • Wrong product
  • Accidentally upgraded
  • Downgrade my account

Have your account info ready — this will be your Blockcare ID, phone number, or email address. We’ll then ask you questions to get you to the right product, whether you need to change your product or switch to H&R Block Free Online.

Keep in mind, we can’t transfer your personal info to a downgraded product. This means, you’ll have to start over.

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