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How do I claim the unemployment income exclusion for my state?

2 min read

2 min read

Some states have indicated they will allow an exclusion for unemployment income.  We’ve outlined how to find out what your state is doing and the instructions for claiming the exclusion in our Online product.   

Find your state’s information and determine if they’re ready to allow you to claim it.  

  • If your state is ready to file today, prepare and file your federal and state return today! 
  • If your state isn’t ready today, there are two options you can choose from:
    • Option A: File your federal return today only and wait to prepare your state return until your state is ready to be filed. To do this: 
      1. Sign in to taxes.hrblock.com
      2. Complete your federal taxes as normal.
      3. Once you get to the Choose the state you want to prepare or State Welcome screen, use the File tab at the top of the screen.
      4. Use the Next button, then continue through the rest of the screens until you’ve filed.
      5. When your state is ready:
        1. Sign in to taxes.hrblock.com 
        2. Go to the State tab and continue your state return.
        3. When you’re done, go to the File tab option to file your state return.
    • Option B: File your federal and state return today – however, because your state isn’t ready to file, you might need to file an amendment. To do this, you’ll just need to complete your taxes as normal. Then, if you later find out you need to amend, here’s what you’ll do:
      1. Sign in to taxes.hrblock.com. 
      2. Choose File an amended return
      3. Follow the steps to update your return and submit your amendment.  

Check back often! As we learn about how the states will apply the rule, we’ll update the information in the linked document above. As always, it’s good to check to see if your state has guidance on how to handle the unemployment income exclusion. 

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