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Where can I buy an H&R Block tax software CD to do my 2023 taxes?

2 min read

2 min read

H&R Block tax software CDs are no longer available to purchase. The CDs have fallen out of common use and represent significant environmental impacts. In addition, disk drives in home computers have become increasingly uncommon. For these reasons we no longer offer the CD.

Don’t worry, you can still buy and download our H&R Block tax software from our tax software page.

You can still do your taxes digitally without an H&R Block tax software CD

Even though we no longer offer the H&R Block tax software CD, the program you need is still available to download on our website. You should navigate to our tax software page and choose which H&R Block tax software meets your needs. You’ll find options for both employers and employees, as well as packages meant to assist investors and real estate owners.

You can still buy our H&R Block tax software in stores like Walmart or Best Buy. You’ll receive an activation code and instructions on how to download your H&R Block tax software. You won’t receive a CD, and you won’t need it.

The activation code grants you access to download the H&R tax software you purchased, but you will need to be connected to the internet for this. Keep in mind one benefit that comes with each option available: your H&R Block tax software comes with five free federal e-files.

You can check out our Ways to File Taxes page to review these and other options to file. These include filing yourself online, in office with a tax professional, and other options along with the H&R Block tax software. Remember, the CD will not be among those options.

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